A Hybrid Web Experience Platform

Built with Apache Sling

Build a Better Digital Experience

Multi-Site Support

Manage sites across multiple domains using an intuitive drag-and-drop authoring interface. Maintain content quality with granular user roles and extensive validation framework.

Omnichannel Delivery

True hybrid content architecture which supports headless and traditional delivery. Create once and share data across multiple service endpoints, platforms and devices.

Service Integrations

Designed with an open API from the ground up, third party services and platforms are easy to integrate and manage within the Administrative interface.

Cloud Services, Simplified!

Harness the true potential of the cloud, maintain control over your infrastructure.


Kestros was built for scalability. Deployment in cloud or on-premise infrastructures are fast, simple and standardized. When deploying to AWS, an automated, out-of-the-box process reduces complexity and time.


Platform agnostic, open API allows seamless integration with a variety of industry leading eCommerce systems.

Asset Management

Kestros can process multiple image, video and document formats. Customized renditions, metadata and more, provide a powerful toolkit for content creators and authors.

Developing and Authoring

Developer friendly, intuitive for content authors.