Kestros is currently in beta, all documentation is subject to change. Additional documentation will be added in subsequent releases. Beta releases are not recommended for production use.

Generate a New Project from the Kestros Archetype

Use the Kestros Project Archetype to generate a new project:

mvn archetype:generate \ \n-DarchetypeGroupId=io.kestros.cms.archetypes \ \n-DarchetypeArtifactId=kestros-project-archetype \ \n-DarchetypeVersion=0.1.0

What's Included

Your project is generated with the following sample content:

Vendor Library

Modular UI Libraries containing CSS, JS, assets and HTL templates, which can be compiled into any number of UI Frameworks.

Vendor Libraries must live under the /etc/vendor-libraries resource. Your sample Vendor Library is generated at /etc/vendor-libraries/{artifact-id}.

UI Framework

Structured UiLibrary, which determines the HTML a requested Component will render. Compiles CSS, JS and HTL templates from: Vendor Libraries, Component UI Framework Views, and itself.

UI Frameworks must live under the /etc/ui-frameworks resource. Your sample UI Framework is generated at /etc/ui-frameworks/{artifact-id}, and has been configured with, but is not limited to, your sample Vendor Library.

Component Type

Determines the HTML that content resources will render. Can be configured with a unique view per UI Framework.

ComponentTypes generally live under a project's /apps folder. Your sample ComponentType is generated at /apps/{artifact-id}/components/content/sample-component, and has been configured with a view for your sample UI Framework.

Installing Your Project

To install your generated site, run the following from your generated project:

mvn clean install -P,installPackage,installBundle,installContent

* installContent will overwrite all of your site's content

Your new site is now available at localhost:8080/content/sites/{artifact-id}.html