Kestros is currently in beta, all documentation is subject to change. Additional documentation will be added in subsequent releases. Beta releases are not recommended for production use.

Setting up in Your IDE


To download IntelliJ, visit the official site.

  1. Import project using Maven model.
  2. Select Import Maven project automatically.
  3. Continue with wizard steps until complete.

Running Gulp Watch

Your generated project comes with a gulpfile.js file, which contains a gulp watch script for automatically uploading updated HTML, CSS and JS files to Kestros.

Installing Node.js, npm and gulp

To install Node.js and npm, visit the official download page.

After install Node.js and npm, run the following command from your project's root directory to install gulp:

npm install gulp gulp-util gulp-slang

Running Gulp Watch

To run your gulp watch, run the following command from your project's root directory:

gulp watch

Only modified CSS, JS and HTML files can be uploading via the gulp watch. New files and other file types require a maven install.